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AlbuVoid™ - Albumin Depletion and Low Abundance Protein Enrichment Kit from Serum, Plasma, Tissues And Culture Media

AlbuVoid™ - Albumin Depletion and Low Abundance Protein Enrichment Kit from Serum, Plasma, Tissues And Culture Media


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AlbuVoid™ - Albumin Depletion Plus Low Abundance Serum Protein Enrichment

  • Albumin voids in flow-through >95%, with <30 minute bind/wash/elute protocol
  • Low abundance enrichment equivalent or better than hexa-peptides or antibodies
  • Disposable, cost-effective, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
  • Mild elution maintains tertiary structure and simple transfer to secondary analysis
  • The eluted fractions retain their enzymatic and biological activity
  • Removes albumin from many species including human, mouse, sheep, bovine, goat, rat, calf, cell culture.
  • The eluted fraction is compatible with LC-MS, activity based protein profiling and proteomic studies.

AlbuVoid™ is a albumin depletion reagent kit. It removes albumin from serum and plasma samples while concentrating low abundance, and/or low molecular weight proteins. The AlbuVoid™ protocol uses mild buffers; the protocol conditions are so gentle that native enzyme activity is retained in elution fractions. AlbuVoid™ considerably enhances resolution of proteins below 50 kD, a limitation of alternate enrichment protocols.

AlbuVoid™ does not bind albumin. All other proteins(except albumin) in the sample binds to AlbuVoid™ and then you can elute off all the proteins minus the albumin. Resulting in low abundance serum protein enrichment. It is ideal for applications involving biomarker discovery, enzyme assays, toxicological studies for new drugs, protein profiling using SELDI analysis, protein array pixelation ,1D and 2D gel electrophoresis, LC/MS, and MALDI-TOF MS and cytokines research.

AlbuVoid™ derives from a silica-based library of individual mixed-mode polymeric ligands. The library was designed to facilitate weak binding of proteins, allowing for rapid elution from the matrix without any foreknowledge of the variety of proteins contained in the starting sample. Because of its specific binding properties, AlbuVoid™ depletes high abundance proteins in serum like albumin while improving the resolution of less abundant serum proteins.

Biotech Support Group has AlbuVoid™ for albumin depletion plus low abundance serum protein enrichment. Both Albusorb and AlbuVoid are available in AlbuTrial™ kit™. AlbuTrial™ kit™ includes 1 gm of Albusorb and 5 Preps of AlbuVoid with respective buffers.

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