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NuGel™ NRicher™ 6 (formerly NuGel PROspector™)

NuGel™ NRicher™ 6 (formerly NuGel PROspector™)


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Product Code: SR610

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  • Efficiently produce up to 12 differentiated subproteomes with uncompromised functional and structural integrity
  • Generate characteristic molecular profiles for comparison and discovery
  • Enrich functional biomarkers for sequence and structural annotation
  • Kit includes 6 mixed mode surface chemistries per prep

Functional proteomics relies in part, on the functional or structural features of intact, non-denatured proteins. While the terminology can often overlap, chemical and affinity-based proteomic profiles can be considered a subset of functional proteomics. Thus, functional proteomic annotation may complement conventional sequence annotation while supporting the study of mechanism of action and drug promiscuity. Furthermore, the subtleties of protein attributes, when the same or similar underlying sequence can have multiple conformations and functions, and when different sequences sometime perform the same or similar functions, are now open to investigation. A new functional proteomics separations toolset based on the NuGel™ passivated porous silica platform, can be used in unrestricted workflow strategies, so as to sift through these biological complexities.

  • Separations readily compatible with virtually all proteomic interrogations
  • Microtube kit, simple bind/wash/elute protocols
  • No specialized instruments, or HPLC required
  • Disposable, no column regeneration
  • Tryptic digestion or enzyme assay can be ‘on-bead’
  • Universal, species and tissue type agnostic

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"NRicher™: A Singular Low Abundance Proteome Enrichment Product Line With Seamless Integration of On-Bead Digestion "
Biotech Support Group to exhibit at the 71st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, June 4 - 8, 2023 in Houston, Texas

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