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Sample Prep Liquid Biopsy Products Suitable for Proteomic Profiling of a Variety of Body Fluid Sample Types

Diversified Depletion and Enrichment Applications Improve Effectiveness and Ease of Achieving Quality Proteomic Information

By combining two complementary enrichment strategies, Biotech Support Group offers distinctive and diversified technologies to assist researchers achieve quality results by selectively enriching or binding.


Biotech Support Group (BSG) develops cost efficient and reliable proteomic sample prep technologies and methods needed for enhancing proteomics applications in standard healthcare.

One of the four key BSG Advantages is Enrichment/Depletion. As leaders in proteomic sample prep, BSG provides the option of two strategic applications for proteome enrichment in order to get the necessary results: either by selectively binding high abundance or by enriching (choosing not to bind).

The Challenge

Immuno-affinity depletion is often used to remove one or more high abundance proteins from bio-fluids in many proteomic enrichments. However, this strategy commonly comes with limitations such as: high costs, regeneration requirements (which can result in a diminished and inconsistent performance), required marriage of species to antibody, etc.

Considering these limitations, researchers need more reliable ways to enrich.

The Solution

With the emergence of liquid biopsy biomarkers, BSG offers two complementary separation strategies for proteomic researchers to help discover and validate protein biomarkers from bio-fluids in order to achieve the best results.

  • One choice is to selectively bind high abundance proteins
  • The other choice is to enrich the low abundance proteome.

By using one of these two solutions, researchers will be able to improve efficiency and outcomes regardless of the analytical platform.

BSG Products are an essential toolkit proven for Proteomic Sample Prep for

  • Urine
  • Blood/Serum/Plasma
  • Saliva/Sputum
  • Synovial Fluid
  • Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid (BALF)
  • Exosomes/Extracellular Vesicles

The Outcome

Proteomic characterization of the sub-proteomes produced after separations, can be done by a variety of analytical platforms including, functional activity, ELISA, LC-MS, Western blot and cellular response. Through the use of the many products and methods available, researchers will be better equipped to improve outcomes, regardless of the analytical platform.

The products and methods described in the references below will be especially beneficial for discovery investigations essential for expanding proteomics into routine healthcare.

All of our liquid biopsy products are featured on our website.

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