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Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification


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Lipid adsorption and clarification reagent

  • Effectively replaces chlorinated/fluorinated hydrocarbons (eg. freon)

  • Workflows for antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids, proteoglycans, and most serum analytes

  • A high binding capacity for lipids with minimal cross-reactivity with proteins and nucleic acids

  • Ideal for clarifying ascites, serum, cell & tissue culture, bile, saliva, fecal and organ homogenates

  • Simple microfuge (not ultra) centrifugation protocols

  • Exquisite selectivity profile including extracellular vesicle and exosome clearance

  • Compatible with cell response assays

  • For bioprocessing, extends the life of membrane and chromatographic columns

  • Related ‘LX’ product alternative to LipoClear, go to: https://www.biotechsupportgroup.com/Cleanascite-LX-p/lx155.htm

Cleanascite™ selectively removes lipids, cell debris, lipoproteins, floating fats, impurities from Cohn paste, transgenic milk, egg yolk and biological samples for pretreatment of samples prior to purification. The reagent is a solid-phase, non-ionic adsorbent supplied as a suspension in saline, ready for use. Simply add, centrifuge and/or filter. The clarified supernatant is ready for subsequent downstream processing or analysis.

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Featured Cleanascite™ Reference Applications

Toxoplasma gondii

Swapna LS, Stevens GC, Sardinha-Silva A, Hu LZ, Brand V, Fusca DD, et al. (2024) ToxoNet: A high confidence map of protein-protein interactions in Toxoplasma gondii. PLoS Comput Biol 20(6): e1012208. https://doi.org/10.1371/ journal.pcbi.1012208

Conditioned Media (CM)

Zhang, T., Zhao, F., Hu, Y. et al. Environmental monobutyl phthalate exposure promotes liver cancer via reprogrammed cholesterol metabolism and activation of the IRE1α-XBP1s pathway. Oncogene (2024). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41388-024-03086-1

Flury, Anna, et al. "
Integrated stress response associated with dark microglia promotes microglial lipogenesis and contributes to neurodegeneration ." bioRxiv (2024): 2024-03.

dipocyte-conditioned media (ACM)

El-Hattab, Mariam Y., et al. "Native adiponectin plays a role in the adipocyte-mediated conversion of fibroblasts to myofibroblasts ." Journal of the Royal Society interface 20.202 (2023): 20230004.

scites Fluid

Testa, Anna, et al. " TARGETING THE αVβ3/NgR2 PATHWAY IN NEUROENDOCRINE PROSTATE CANCER ." Matrix Biology (2023).

ovine Aorta

Yao, Yimin, et al. " Accurate quantification of lysyl oxidase concentration in human tissue ." bioRxiv (2023): 2023-07.

PPACK PFC Nanoparticles

Vargas, Ian, et al. "
Simultaneous Inhibition of Thrombosis and Inflammation Is Beneficial in Treating Acute Myocardial Infarction ." International journal of molecular sciences 24.8 (2023): 7333.

Bone Marrow Samples

Gudgeon, Nancy, et al. " Uptake of long-chain fatty acids from the bone marrow suppresses CD8+ T-cell metabolism and function in multiple myeloma. " Blood Advances (2023).

Activated hepatic stellate cells

Sinha, S., Aizawa, S., Nakano, Y. et al. Hepatic stellate cell stearoyl co-A desaturase activates leukotriene B4 receptor 2 - β-catenin cascade to promote liver tumorigenesis. Nat Commun 14, 2651 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-023-38406-8


Qin WH, Liu JT, Wang SP, Yang ZS, Wang KK, Hu B. Antibody array-based proteomic screening of novel biomarkers in malignant biliary stricture . Cancer Biomark. 2022;33(3):359-368. doi: 10.3233/CBM-210095. PMID: 34542063.

Bone Marrow (BM) Plasma

Gudgeon, Bishop, et al. " CD8+ T cell metabolism and function are suppressed by long-chain fatty acid uptake from the bone marrow microenvironment in Multiple Myeloma ." (2023).

Lacticaseibacillus casei BL23

da Silva Barreira, David, et al. "Membrane vesicles released by Lacticaseibacillus casei BL23 inhibit the biofilm formation of Salmonella Enteritidis. " Scientific Reports 13.1 (2023): 1163.

RNA cargo

Castleberry, Mark, et al. " High-density lipoproteins mediate small RNA intercellular communication between dendritic cells and macrophages. " Journal of Lipid Research (2023): 100328.

Omental Conditioned Medium (OCM)

Chan, David, et al. " Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Promote Protumoral Macrophage Polarization via a RhoA-YAP1 Signaling Pathway in the Ovarian Cancer Microenvironment ." (2022).

Bone marrow neutrophil cells
with RPMI containing 0.5% FBS or with 10% FBS
Pham, Ly, et al. " Neutrophil trafficking to the site of infection requires Cpt1a-dependent fatty acid β-oxidation ." Communications Biology 5.1 (2022): 1-13.

ell Culture Grade Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) and BSA

Jiang, Lifeng, et al. " Akt-Dependent Glycolysis-Driven Lipogenesis Supports Proliferation and Survival of Human Pulmonary Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells in Pulmonary Hypertension ." Frontiers in medicine 9 (2022).

Detect Tuberculosis Virulence Factors In Serum

Zheng, Wenshu, et al. " Nanopore-based disease diagnosis using pathogen-derived tryptic peptides from serum ." Nano Today 45 (2022): 101515.

Tumor-conditioned medium

Albakri, Marwah M., et al. "Fatty acids secreted from head and neck cancer induce M2‐like Macrophages ." Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2022).

SZ95 medium

Flori, E., Mastrofrancesco, A., Mosca, S., Ottaviani, M., Briganti, S., Cardinali, G., Filoni, A., Cameli, N., Zaccarini, M., Zouboulis, C.C., Picardo, M.,Sebocytes contribute to melasma onset , ISCIENCE (2022) .

mental Conditioned Medium (OCM)

Yang, X. U. A. N., et al. " SCD1/FADS2 fatty acid desaturases equipoise lipid metabolic activity and redox-driven ferroptosis in ascites-derived ovarian cancer cells ." (2021).

ulture media

Di Conza, Giusy, et al. "Tumor-induced reshuffling of lipid composition on the endoplasmic reticulum membrane sustains macrophage survival and pro-tumorigenic activity ." Nature immunology (2021): 1-13.

A precipitate of lipids

Greenfield, Edward A. "Inducing, collecting, and storing ascites ." Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2021.10 (2021): pdb-prot103309 .

mental Conditioned Medium (OCM)

Wang, Xueyu, et al. "Epigenetic Silencing of miR-33b Promotes Peritoneal Metastases of Ovarian Cancer by Modulating the TAK1/FASN/CPT1A/NF-κB Axis." Cancers 13.19 (2021): 4795.

Lipid-depleted serum

Chen, Hsin-Yi, et al. " Selective abrogation of S6K2 maps lipid homeostasis as a survival vulnerability in MAPKi-resistant NRASmut melanoma. " bioRxiv(2021).

Birch pollen extracts

Pointner, Lisa, et al. " Birch pollen induces Toll-like receptor 4-dependent dendritic cell activation favoring T cell responses. "Frontiers in Allergy (2021): 42.

Fetal Bovine Serum

Miller-Rhodes, Patrick, and Harris A. Gelbard."The Cell Culture Environment Regulates the Transcription Factor MafB in BV-2 Microglia." Matters 7.1 (2021): e202010000001.

Predialysis PPACK-liposomes

Guyon, Léna, Anne-Claire Groo, and Aurélie Malzert-Fréon. " Relevant Physicochemical Methods to Functionalize, Purify, and Characterize Surface-Decorated Lipid-Based Nanocarriers ." Molecular Pharmaceutics (2020).

Tissue culture supernatants

Greenfield, Edward A. " Collecting and Storing Hybridoma Tissue Culture Supernatants ." Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2020.10 (2020): pdb-prot103317.


Egg Extract

Stahl, Elia, et al. " Phosphatidylcholines from Pieris brassicae eggs activate an immune response in Arabidopsis. " eLife 9 (2020): e60293.


OCM (Omental conditioned medium) culture

Chan DW, Yung MM, Chan Y-Sang, Xuan Y, Yang H, Xu D, Zhan J-Biao, Chan KK, Ng T-Bun, Ngan HY, MAP30 protein from Momordica charantia is therapeutic and has synergic activity with cisplatin against ovarian cancer in vivo by altering metabolism and inducing ferroptosis , Pharmacological Research (2020), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.phrs.2020.105157


Gomes, Ana P., et al. " Age-induced accumulation of methylmalonic acid promotes tumour progression ." Nature (2020): 1-5. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-020-2630-0

Cell Response

Wang, Haiping, et al. " CD36-mediated metabolic adaptation supports regulatory T cell survival and function in tumors. " Nature Immunology (2020): 1-11.

Depleting regulatory T cells (Treg cells) to counteract immunosuppressive features of the tumor microenvironment (TME) is an attractive strategy for cancer treatment. However, systemic impairment of their suppressive function limits its therapeutic potential. Elucidating approaches that specifically disrupt intratumoral Treg cells is direly needed for cancer immunotherapy. The use of Cleanascite™ helped demonstrate that intratumoral Treg cells increase lipid metabolism and CD36 expression. The article states “cancer cell-conditioned medium … was treated with Cleanascite™ reagent (Biotech Support Group) before Treg cell culture at a volume ratio of 1:5 according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

Chen, Rain R., et al. " Targeting of lipid metabolism with a metabolic inhibitor cocktail eradicates peritoneal metastases in ovarian cancer cells ." Communications Biology 2 (2019).

Ovarian cancer is an intra-abdominal tumor in which the presence of ascites facilitates metastatic dissemination, and is associated with poor prognosis. However, the significance of metabolic alterations in ovarian cancer cells in the ascites microenvironment remains unclear. In this study, the authors investigated whether reprogramming of lipid metabolism in ovarian cancer cells could modulate cell viability and aggressiveness. The article states: ”To determine whether fatty acids in OCM are the primary energy source, fatty acids from OCM was first removed by Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent... Then, XTT cell proliferation assays showed that the growth rate of ovarian cancer cells was remarkably reduced in cells cultured in Cleanascite ™-treated OCM (Fig. 2d). Likewise, co-treatment with Cleanascite™ and OCM significantly attenuated the increased cell migration and invasion capacities of ES-2 and SKOV3 cells (Fig. 2e, f ). These findings suggest that the fatty acid-enriched OCM provides as an energy source for supporting tumor growth and aggressiveness of ovarian cancer cells. .

Lee, Hong-Jai, et al. " Regulatory effect of humoral milieu on the viral DNA and surface antigen expression of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in vitro. " Molecular & Cellular Toxicology 15.2 (2019): 123-128.

The investigations explored if humoral milieu such as serum or culture media, and its constituents, and pH would regulate the viral DNA and surface antigen expression of HBV in vitro . Furthermore, l ipid

removal analysis showed decreased level of HBV DNA and surface antigen expression in human and mouse serum. The article states “ To evaluate the lipid exposure status within lipid bilayer, Cleanascite™ (Biotech Support Group) was added to HBV mixtures in the human serum, mouse serum, or DMEM, and the HBsAg and HBV DNA were evaluated. … we examined the virus-lipid interaction in non-host milieu, and compared the interaction between in host and non-host milieu. The levels of HBsAg and HBV DNA were significantly decreased with lipid removal by Cleanascite™ in mouse serum rather than human serum .

Sprenkle, Neil T., et al. " Endoplasmic reticulum stress is transmissible in vitro between cells of the central nervous system ." Journal of Neurochemistry.

Improper protein folding and trafficking are common pathological events in neurodegenerative diseases that result in the toxic accumulation of misfolded proteins within the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The cell extrinsic role of sustained unfolded protein response activation under physiological and pathological states in the central nervous system (CNS) remains to be elucidated. The authors studied the characteristics of a mediator secreted by ER stressed astrocytes and neurons . To determine if the mediator was a lipid associated factor, t he article states “… 100 μl of Cleanascite™ slurry was added to 1 ml of conditioned medium and incubated at RT with end-over-end mixing for 1 h followed by centrifugation.”

Cell Response & Extracellular vesicle clearance

Nguyen, Doan C., et al. " Extracellular vesicles from bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells support ex vivo survival of human antibody secreting cells ." Journal of extracellular vesicles 7.1 (2018): 1463778.

The study investigated the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in antibody secreting cell survival and IgG secretion. The article states “ To understand whether disrupting the lipid plasma membrane that upsets the integrity of the EVs would compromise the survival activity of either the non-irradiated or irradiated secretomes, …We then cultured ASC with conventional media (vehicle), secretome from irradiated MSC, or secretome from irradiated MSC that had been pretreated with the lipid-disrupting agent Cleanascite™, which is known not to alter protein functionality [ 29]. Cleanascite™-treatment of the secretome dramatically reduced ASC functional survival, … Similar reductions were also noted with the secretome of non-irradiated MSC when treated with Cleanascite™ … These results demonstrate that lipid-membrane bodies, such as EVs, could mediate important ASC survival factors within the MSC secretome.”


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Egg Yolk

Ben Wade, Michelle Cummins, Anthony Keyburn and Tamsyn M. Crowley. Isolation and detection of microRNA from the egg of chickens . BMC Research Notes 2016 9:283.


Farina, Annarita. " Pre-fractionation of Noncirculating Biological Fluids to Improve Discovery of Clinically Relevant Protein Biomarkers ." Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery . Humana Press, New York, NY, 2019. 23-37.

For proteomic biomarker discovery, it is necessary to bridge the gap between basic and applied research by complying with clinical requirements . This chapter provides key suggestions for improving the discovery of clinically relevant protein biomarkers from body fluids. The chapter states : ”If the elimination of lipids…is necessary, the sample can by treated with lipid removal (Cleanascite™)…

Graeme T Clark, Paul J Russell, and Steven Westwood. Modification without impact: a case study in clinical assay failure due to lipemia . Bioanalysis; 2012: 4,(12):1421-1428

Organ Homogenates

Myerson, J., He, L., Lanza, G., Tollefsen, D. and Wickline, S.
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Increased levels of beta 2 glycoprotein I antigen and beta 2 glycoprotein I binding antibodies are associated with a history of thromboembolic complications in patients with SLE and primary antiphospholipid syndrome British journal of rheumatology.1995 Nov;34(11):1031-6

Red Blood Cells

Antunes RF; Brandao C; Maia M; Arosa FA.
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Tracheal Swab Samples

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Tissue and Cell Culture

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Decreasing glucagon action lowers blood glucose and may be useful therapeutically for diabetes. However, interrupted glucagon signaling leads to α cell proliferation. In this article, the authors wanted to determine which factors affected α cell proliferation. The article states “ For lipid removal, whole mouse serum was treated with Cleanascite™ reagent (Biotech Support Group, Monmouth Junction, NJ) prior to islet culture at a 1:1 ratio according to the vendor’s protocol. Lipid removal was validated by HPLC to remove 99% of all phopsholipids, cholesterols, and triglycerides….”.

Taylor, Steven W., et al. " A high-throughput mass spectrometry assay to simultaneously measure intact insulin and C-peptide ." Clinica Chimica Acta (2016). Cleanascite™ is shown both to improve LC-MS measurements, and validated in accordance with CLIA ’88 guidelines.

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Devices and methods for reducing matrix effects

Vaccine Research (Cholesterol Removal From Human Serum)

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Yeast assays

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