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Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification


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Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

  • Effectively replaces chlorinated/fluorinated hydrocarbons (eg. freon)
  • Workflows for antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids, proteoglycans, and serum analytes
  • A high binding capacity for lipids with minimal cross-reactivity with proteins and nucleic acids
  • Ideal for clarifying ascites, serum, cell & tissue culture, bile and organ homogenates
  • Clarifies saliva and fecal components
  • Exquisite selectivity profile including extracellular vesicle and exosome clearance
  • Extends the life of membrane and chromatography columns.
  • Enrichment of delipidated tissue samples.
  • For downstream processing of large-scale therapeutic proteins, enzymes and monoclonal antibodies.
Cleanascite™ selectively removes lipids, cell debris, lipoproteins, floating fats, impurities from cohn paste, transgenic milk, egg yolk and biological samples for pretreatment of samples prior to purification. The reagent is a solid-phase, non-ionic adsorbent supplied as a suspension in saline, ready for use. Simply add, centrifuge and/or filter. The clarified supernatant is ready for subsequent downstream processing or analysis.

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