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HemogloBind™ Blood Card Kit

HemogloBindâ„¢ Blood Card Kit


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Hemoglobin Depletion and Protein Enrichment From Dried Blood Spots

  • Dried blood spots are useful for low volume analyses, and simple collection and transport
  • Protocols suitable for inexpensive whole blood card systems, no need for cell separation
  • Hemoglobin binding >90%, with 30-45 minute spin-filter format
  • Protocols based on ≤10 µl whole blood applied, but suspension format is flexible to most volumes
  • Blood proteins and enzymes are enriched for biomarker and proteomic investigations.
  • Removes hemoglobin from diverse species including human, sheep, bovine, goat, rat, mouse, etc.
  • High throughput and scaleable.

Hemoglobin is a common contaminant from dried whole blood cards and not normally found in serum samples. The HemogloBind™ Blood Card protocol was designed to substantially reduce the presence of hemoglobin and its associated interference with many serum proteins and other analytes.

HemogloBind™ is engineered for a high degree of selectivity and does not cross react with most common serum components, making it an excellent sample prep in numerous applications. These include analytical protocols where optical interference is problematic, such as bilirubin and cholinesterase analysis.

Hemoglobin depletion and Protein Recovery from Dried Blood Spots

Dried Blood Spot (µl) Hemoglobin Present (Based on 200mg Hb per ml blood) (mg) Extraction Buffer (µl) HemogloBind™ Reagent Used (ml) Protein Recovery (µg) Hemoglobin removal (%)
20 4 200 200 400 - 500 > 95%
10 2 100 100 200 - 250 > 95%
5 1 50 50 100 - 125 > 95%
2.5 0.5 25 25 90 - 100 > 95%
Product # of samples processed Item No.
HemogloBind™ Blood Card 10 Dried Whole Blood Spot (7mm hole punch) H0145BC-10
HemogloBind™ Blood Card 50 Dried Whole Blood Spot (7mm hole punch) H0145BC-50
Kit Content 10 Prep 50 Prep Reagent
HemogloBind™ 1 ml 5 ml Supplied
Protein Extraction Buffer (PEB) 1 ml 5 ml Supplied
Spin-X Centrifuge tube filters 10 50 Supplied
Suggested Or Equivalent Supplier of Blood Card: Whatman 903™ Protein Saver cards Not Supplied

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