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AlbuVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead For Serum Proteomics

AlbuVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead For Serum Proteomics


Functional Proteomics
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Albumin Depletion Plus Low Abundance Serum Protein Enrichment With Optimized On-Bead Digestion for LC-MS Label and Label-free Analyses

  • Albumin and transferrin voids in flow-through >95%, with <30 minute bind/wash microfuge protocol
  • Low abundance enrichment equivalent or better than hexa-peptides or immuno-affinity
  • Consumable, cost-effective, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
  • Species agnostic; human, rat, mouse, goat, sheep, porcine and bovine sera have been tested
  • Trypsin digestion on the bead
  • Seamless workflows and unique proteolytic efficiencies
    • No in-gel digests, no solution digests, no C18 desalting, more consistent, reproducible results
    • Compatibility with quantitative label (i.e., iTRAQ) and label-free LC-MS methods

AlbuVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead is an albumin depletion reagent kit. It removes albumin from serum and plasma samples while concentrating low abundance proteins on the beads. Consequently, the low abundance serum proteins are enriched. It is ideal for applications involving LC-MS discovery and targeted proteomics.

The AlbuVoid beads are derived from a silica-based library of individual mixed-mode polymeric ligands. The library was designed to facilitate weak binding of proteins, allowing for progressive enrichment of the low abundance proteome, with specialized voiding properties empirically derived.

The total AlbuVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead proteins were compared for human and rat sera at two different digestion times, 4 hours and overnight (O/N). Note that many identified proteins overlap while certain populations of proteins were only observed in one or the other digest time. Download the detailed report

The AlbuVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead product and protocol is compatible with both label and label-free quantification of peptides/proteins. In the example below, iTRAQ labeled peptides from two representative proteins observed to be differentially quantified in comparing pooled sera from normal and cancer patients.

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