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AlbuTrial™ Kit - 1 gram AlbuSorb™ Kit & 5 Preps AlbuVoid Kit

AlbuTrial Kit


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Albumin Depletion From Serum or Plasma
>Removes 30 mg albumin/ml, >90%
>Affinity-type equivalence, virtually no cross-reactivity with other proteins
>Disposable, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
>Economical new surface technology, not based on blue-dye or immuno-affinity chromatography
>Mild binding conditions maintains tertiary structure and simple transfer to secondary analysis
>The flow-through (unbound) fractions retain their enzymatic and biological activity
>Species agnostic

Albumin Depletion Plus Low Abundance Serum Proteome Enrichment
>Albumin voids out in flow-through (unbound) fraction >95%
>Low abundance enrichment better than hexa-peptides or immune-affinity
>Disposable, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
>No low molecular weight or pI bias
>Mild elution conditions maintains tertiary structure and simple transfer to secondary analysis
>The elution fraction retain their enzymatic and biological activity
on-bead digestion improves workflow and provides unique proteolytic efficiencies
>Species agnostic

The high abundance of albumin in serum represses the signals for low abundance proteins, thereby interfering with the resolution and sensitivity of many protein profiling techniques. BSG refines the albumin depletion protocols establishing two albumin removal methods using chemical based proteome fractionation systems. The matrices AlbuSorb™ and AlbuVoid™ were tested on human, sheep, bovine, mouse, goat, rat, and calf from serum and plasma using a simple protocol. AlbuSorb™, facilities binding of albumin (>90%) thereby recovering the proteins in the flow-through. AlbuVoid™, by contrast, voids out the majority of albumin (>90%) in the flow-through and wash fractions. In the final elution step the low abundance proteins are enriched. AlbuTrial kit™ includes 1 gm of AlbuSorb™ and 5 Preps of AlbuVoid™ with respective buffers.

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