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NuGel™ Protein A Kit

NuGel™ Protein A Kit


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NuGel™ Protein A Kit
IgG Depletion From Serum/Plasma for Proteomics

  • IgG removal >90% (70-80% of total Immunoglobulins removed) from serum or cell culture
  • Supplied as dry stable bead format
  • Seamless and simple <1 hour protocol
  • Disposable, cost-effective, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
  • Works for most species tested including human, sheep, rat, mouse, bovine
  • Suitable for LC-MS, 1 and 2D Gels, ELISAs, Enzyme and other Functional Assays
  • IgG recoverable with acidic eluent (optional)
  • Compatible with automation/high-throughput DPX Technologies XTR tip format

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