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NuGel™ NRicher™ Mx

NuGel™ NRicher™ Mx


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Enrich low abundance proteomes
  • Enriches and normalized low abundance sub-proteomes 5-10X
  • Compress proteome concentrations
  • Tissue and species agnostic
  • Suitable for small volume mg scale preps
  • Composite NRicher™ 6 surfaces can be deconstructed and optimized for biomarker enrichment
  • Supports Compound Centric Displacement Proteomics (CCDP) method

BSG has developed a new method for proteome separations based on chemically derived weak affinity or imperfect fit interactions. Without the use of antibodies, progressive displacement allows the beads to bias for or against certain proteins, without compromising protein integrity.

The NuGel™-based NRicher™ products are adaptable to any measurable protein function from any sample type, to aid in the discovery of new biomarkers. They support all functional, activity-probe, chemical and top-down proteomic applications .

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