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Cleanascite™ LX

Cleanascite™ LX


Base Price: $430.00

Product Code: LX155

Size (LX155):


For Lipemic Serum/Plasma Clarification

  • Effectively replaces chlorinated/fluorinated hydrocarbons (eg. freon)
  • Based on solid-phase referenced in over 70 publications in varied applications
  • Under investigation as alternative to LipoClear for lipemic serum/plasma


Cleanascite™ LX is supplied as an aqueous suspension of non-ionic adsorbent in DI water, pH 8.0. After centrifugation, the pellet is 1/2 of the total volume and the supernatant is 1/2 of the total volume.

  1. Resuspend Cleanascite™ LX by gentle shaking. Excessive shaking may cause foaming. It should be completely resuspended prior to use.
  2. Add Cleanascite™ LX to the sample at minimum 1:3 (or alternative higher) ratio. Mix the sample by gentle shaking for 20 minutes.
  3. Micro-centrifuge sample at 8,000 rpm’s (5,000xg) for 10 minutes.
  4. Carefully aspirate supernatant for analysis.

Optimization. Different sample volumes are easily scaled. Volume ratio can be adjusted up or down as required to remove the amount of impurities present.

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