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Introducing NRicher™: Proteome Enrichment Simplified & Diversified

The need for new biomarkers to support personalized healthcare, has fostered numerous proteomic innovations in recent years. Still, a number of challenges remain. One is dynamic range, as high abundance proteins can mask potentially significant biomarker proteins of low-abundance. Another challenge is presented in targeted proteomic workflows, whereby a selection of biomarkers of interest is known, but lack efficiency and consistency in their measurements from different sample cohorts. This is in part due to the changing landscape of proteins/peptides not associated with the selected biomarkers. Both of these challenges are addressed by the NRicher™ suite of products.

The NRicher™ Advantage

For over 10 years BSG has been at the forefront of developing synthetic beads (i.e., ionic, hydrophobic, hydrogen bonding, aromatic, polymeric) with differential proteome binding properties. Many derivative products are well established in the field with numerous citations in leading journals. Following our lead to circumvent immuno-affinity, an approach combining corona-based separations adapted to magnetic nano-particles has been introduced. However, this necessitates a specialized instrument-based workflow, and the need to perform LC-MS analysis on multiple bead-derived sub-proteomes. Consequently, NRicher™, offers a solution that stands out in its simplicity and versatility.

Not derived from immuno-affinity:

NRicher™ beads, are not species-specific. This allows a wider applicability across various sample types.


There's no need for an investment in high-end specialized equipment; a standard laboratory microfuge will suffice.

Streamlined Analysis:

Through the use of bead cocktails, NRicher™ products serve virtually all applications, starting with sample volumes as low as 25 µl.

On-bead digestion:

BSG pioneered Bead-Assisted Sample Prep (BASP™), offering workflow efficiencies (i.e., no added denaturants) for LC-MS proteomics of bead enriched sub-proteomes.

Knowledge base of 2000+ Serum Proteins

Supports targeted and quantitative protein markers from serum/plasma

Serves All Proteomic Analytical Platforms:

One of NRicher™'s many features is its ability to maintain the functional activity of proteins post-separation. This makes it ideal for orthogonal analyses, be it functional, enzymatic, or immunoassay-based.

The Multifaceted Applications of NRicher™

The NRicher™, product line continues to advance sub-proteome enrichment, with products tailored to specific applications.

Lab Scientists

Low Abundance Proteome Discovery,
Coverage & Scalability for Any Sample

All NRicher™ Products

Interested in learning more about our complete portfolio of NRicher™ products?


NRicher™ Mx: General Enrichment for
All Biofluids and Tissue Lysates

An enrichment product suitable for any sample type, from tissue lysates to biofluids. It is a particularly powerful tool for enriching low abundance proteins and especially membrane proteins, which play critical roles in cellular processes and are very often therapeutic targets.

Family-specific enrichment
for targeted quantitative proteomics

NRicher™ APO: Enrichment of Apolipoproteins

This product serves to enrich apolipoproteins, the important family of proteins involved in cardiovascular integrity. Proteomic pursuits of this family of proteins, promise insights and potential biomarkers for cardiovascular disease.

NRicher™ Ig: Immunoglobulin Enrichment

Through enrichment of all sub-types of immunoglobulins, researchers can enhance our understanding of the adaptive immune response across a multitude of fields, including cancer and autoimmunity.

NRicher™ C: Enrichment of Complement
Cascade Related Proteins

With evidence linking systemic chronic inflammation to disease, the innate immune system thus plays a pivotal role in health. This new tool can now enrich the full complement cascade and its regulating proteins, so as to reveal potential therapeutic targets and biomarkers for both acute and chronic diseases.

NRicher™: A Confluence of Discovery, Quantification & Versatility

While the foundational chemistry platform is the enablement, what sets NRicher™ apart is its simplicity and adaptability. It's designed to be compatible with a variety of processing formats; these formats range from microfuge spin filters to high-throughput automated platforms. This versatility ensures that regardless of the laboratory setup or research requirements, NRicher™ products can seamlessly integrate into current workflows, be they for discovery or targeted quantification.

By minimizing variance and enhancing efficiency with on-bead digestion, NRicher™ products serve as a conduit for improved throughput, shorter gradients, cost savings, and productivity.

Moreover, eluates from NRicher™ can be measured by a variety of other analytical methods, be it enzymatic assays, 2DE, or immunoassay.

Finally, through a searchable knowledgebase of >2000 serum proteins, a selection of one or more NRicher™ bead(s) and/or our other depletion products can be investigated for specific protein targets of interest.

Our Latest White Paper :

A Low Abundance Proteome Enrichment Platform With Seamless Integration of On-bead Digestion

Published September 2023