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Proteomics strives to identify differences between phenotypes at the protein level; such differences may be established at one or more levels of abundance, structure or function. When comparing samples, the challenge is to establish the most differential attribute amongst these levels within the vast amount of information contained in protein abundances, post-translational modifications and functions. Complicating the analysis in all cases is a bias towards the most abundant proteins, and in some cases the presence of proteolytically resistant proteins.

Consequently, we take advantage of our unique sample prep and enrichment capabilities to fully develop applications in proteomics. We do not just sell LC-MS instrument time. Rather, we consult with our clients first to consider different approaches, options and relative cost benefits. Clients can take advantage of these enrichment capabilities that feed both LC-MS/MS and functional proteomic workflows with definable data output to achieve the goals of the investigation.

We only serve the applications we develop.