Hemoglobin Removal Kits


Hemoglobin Depletion For Erythrocyte Proteomics

  • Hemoglobin voids in flow-through, applicable to red cells, heavily hemolyzed serum, whole blood and dried blood spot (DBS) card
  • Low abundance protein and enzyme enrichment
  • Consumable, cost-effective
  • Mild elution maintains native structure with retained enzymatic, functional and bioactivities
  • Compatible with LC-MS, activity-probe profiling and virtually all proteomic analyses
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2DE Comparison

2DE Comparison.
Red circles indicate the Hemoglobin subunits region. The HemoVoid™ eluate (bottom) has been severely depleted of Hemoglobin. The remainder of the red cell proteins are substantially enriched (visualized) and are better resolved in the HemoVoid™ eluate. Many more proteins are detectable after HemoVoid™ treatment with extensive proteome coverage across both dimensions.

NuGel™ HemogloBind™

Removes Hemoglobin Interference

  • Highly specific for hemoglobin binding
  • depletion from hemolyzed serum, dura, BALF, and whole blood
  • Functional integrity maintained with simple transfer to post-treatment interrogations
  • supports biomarker tests
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HemoVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead

Hemoglobin depletion plus low abundance protein enrichment with optimized on-bead digestion for LC-MS erythrocyte & whole blood proteomics

  • Seamless workflows
  • Unique proteolytic efficiencies
  • Label, label free & phospho- compatible
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Total Proteins Identified From Erythrocytes

HemoVoid™ Blood Card Kit

The HemoVoid™ Blood Card kit substantially reduces hemoglobin interference from dried blood spot protein analytes

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Albumin and Hemoglobin Regions

HemoTrial™ Kit


  • 5 ml HemogloBind™ +
  • 5 Preps NuGel™ HemogloBind™ +
  • 5 Preps HemoVoid™
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HemogloBind™ Trial Kit


  • 5 ml HemogloBind™ +
  • 5 Preps NuGel™ HemogloBind™
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HemogloBind™ Blood Card Kit

Hemoglobin Depletion and Protein Enrichment From Dried Blood Spots

  • Dried blood spots are useful for low volume analyses, and simple collection and transport
  • Protocols suitable for inexpensive whole blood card systems, no need for cell separation
  • Hemoglobin binding >90%, with 30-45 minute spin-filter format
  • Protocols based on ≤10 µl whole blood applied, but suspension format is flexible to most volumes
  • Blood proteins and enzymes are enriched for biomarker and proteomic investigations.
  • Removes hemoglobin from diverse species including human, sheep, bovine, goat, rat, mouse, etc.
  • High throughput easicly scalable.
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HemoVoid™ Hemoglobin Variant Enrichment from Blood

Purification & Enrichment Of Hemoglobin From Blood For Hemoglobin Variant Research

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Our BSG Advantage


Cost-effective, not derived from biologicals

Cost-effective, not derived from biologicals

  • No specialized instruments or HPLC
  • Economical surface chemistries, not derived from biologicals
  • No regeneration, so no prep to prep variability
  • Simple, fast microfuge bind/wash/elute protocols

On-Bead Digestion

Efficient workflows, quality LC-MS/MS data

Efficient workflows, quality LC-MS/MS data

  • Simple, reproducible workflows
  • Equivalent or better than in-solution digestion
  • Seamless to LC-MS, no desalting or C18 separations
  • Unique proteolytic efficiencies


Diverse strategies, species agnostic

Diverse strategies, species agnostic

  • Products support strategies for both enrichment of low abundance proteomes, or depletion of high abundance proteins
  • Species agnostic not derived from biologicals

Functional Integrity

Maintained throughout all separations

Maintained throughout all separation

  • Mild buffer conditions maintains native structure with retained enzymatic, functional & bio-activities
  • Supports enzyme biomarker assays
  • Functional & Chemical Proteomics
  • Structural & activity-probe Proteomics
  • Top-down & ArrayBridge PEP Proteomics