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NuGel™ Poly-Carboxy

NuGel™  Poly-Carboxy

Base Price: $550.00

Product Code: NPCY-20


NuGel™ Poly-Aldehyde For Immobilization

  • Couples with ligand containing amino groups.
  • Non-specific sites are virtually eliminated by a polymer coating
  • Stable across a wide pH range 2 – 10
  • 1000Å, 50µm Silica suitable for LC and batch processes
  • Application include:
    • Immobilization of proteins,enzymes, monoclonal antibodies etc.
    • Immobilization of small ligands for example: hormones, peptides, haptens etc.

Silica has been an industry standard as an advantageous matrix suitable for high performance liquid chromatography. With NuGel™, non-specific sites have been virtually eliminated making it an ideal support for affinity purification. Through a proprietary polymer coating, Silica is crosslinked forming a reactive Poly-Epoxy functionality stable across a wide pH range (pH 2 to 10). From this foundational chemistry, all of the NuGel™ affinity products are derived.

Technical Data

NuGel™ Poly-Aldehyde is a derivative of NuGel™ polyhydroxy affinity support. This affinity support contains aldehyde groups at the end of hydrophilic spacer arms and is used to couple ligands containing amino groups.

Special Features:

  • Immobilization of protein, independent of pl.
  • Immobilization of amino ligands.
  • Immobilization can be achieved at any pH between 4 and 9.
  • Protein binding capacity:
    • Murine IgG: 5-10mg per gram of support
    • Sheep serum: 5-10mg per gram of support

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