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BindPro™ Trial Kit

BindProâ„¢ Trial Kit


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Product Code: BPTK-05

Size (BPTK-05):

BindPro™ Trial Kit includes 5 ml suspension of BindPro™ and 5 Preps of NuGel™ BindPro™.

Aqueous Protein Crash & Enrichment of Metabolites/Analytes From Serum or Plasma
  • Serum and plasma protein removal, >95%
  • Ammonium Acetate buffer system, simplifies analyte concentration
  • Aqueous Protein Crash, linearly scalable, unlike chemical precipitation or membrane filtration.
  • Fast process, less than 30 minutes from application to separation
  • Applicable for drug binding/screening, target analytes and metabolomics
  • Species agnostic, tested species include: human, mouse, sheep, bovine, goat, rat, calf
  • Dry powder format, compatible with high throughput systems such as 96 well plate.
  • NuGel BindPro™ supplied as a dry powder reagent; related product - BindPro™ supplied as a suspension reagent

BindPro™ is an umbrella trademark for polymeric reagents designed as alternatives to ultra-filtration and solvent precipitation for applications that require protein removal and/or concentration in a more versatile or scalable format. NuGel BindPro™ is engineered onto a bead format, based on passivated porous silica ( NuGel™ platform) covalently bound to elastomeric poly-electrolytes. NuGel BindPro™ can be used in lieu of solvents for drug binding studies, for targeted analytes, or for metabolomic investigations.



Item No.

BindPro™ Trial Kit

5ml suspension BindPro & 5 Preps NuGel™ BindPro


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Click Here To View BindPro™ Product Sheet



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