Genomic Sample Prep


Efficiently removes Hemoglobin for circulating DNA isolation

  • Total protein removal comparable to phenol/chloroform
  • Used throughout the Human Genome Sequencing Project*
  • Alternative to bind/elute preps which subject DNA to high shear
  • High purity (1 ng template suitable PCR) and high molecular weight

Sample Type ProCipitate Typical Usage
10 ml Yeast Culture Genomic DNA 1-2 ml
Whole Blood Genomic DNA 250 μl
4 mm Plant Leaf 100-200 μl
2 ml culture BAC Preps 80 μl
250 μl culture Plasmid Preps 20 μl
200 ml Large Scale BAC Preps 5 ml
Dried Blood Card (or ~ 15 μl Whole Blood) 250 μl
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PCR from whole blood using ProCipitate

PCR from whole blood using ProPrep Genomic kit

Lane 1: 100-1000 base pair Ladder

Lane 2: Negative Control

Lanes 3-10:
PCR amplicons from 1 ng template DNA purified from whole blood, randomly selected from 96 wells. Amplicons are 280 base pairs from Human HLA-DRBeta primers at 32 cycles.

Key References

*J M Kelley et al. High Throughput Direct End Sequencing of BAC Clones. Nucleic Acids Research.1999.15;27(6):1539-1546

*D C Bruce; M O Mundt; K K McMurry; L J Meincke; D L Robinson; N A Doggett; L L Deaven. BAC Library End Sequencing in Support of Whole Genome Assemblies DOE Joint Genome Institute and Center for Human Genome Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research Abstracts from the DOE Genome Contractor-Grantee Workshop IX (2002)


Lipid Adsorption & Clarification

  • Effectively replaces chlorinated/fluorinated hydrocarbons (eg. freon)
  • Extensively cited in journal articles
    - microRNA from egg yolk
    - genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
    - RNA from sputum
    - Intestinal microbial DNA
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Egg Yolk Clarification

Egg Yolk Clarification
Insert: PAGE showing
Left: Markers
Right: IgY and other major protein fractions recovered

Viraffinity™ & ViraPrep™ Kits

Virus Enrichment & Purification

  • Purifies whole infectious non-enveloped virus, isolates antigenic virions
  • Enriches for viral proteins and nucleic acids

Lanes M: Markers
Lane 1: PEG/Phenol-Chloroform
Lane 2: ViraPrep™ Lambda methods
Lane 3: Eco R1 digest of ViraPrep™ Lambda DNA
Note: Insert band apprx. 1 kb


Prep Size: Application dependent

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ViraPrep™ Lambda

Prep Size: 5, 150mm platelysates

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ViraPrep™ Mammal

Prep Size: 40 ml

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Our BSG Advantage


Cost-effective, not derived from biologicals

Cost-effective, not derived from biologicals

  • No specialized instruments or HPLC
  • Economical surface chemistries, not derived from biologicals
  • No regeneration, so no prep to prep variability
  • Simple, fast microfuge bind/wash/elute protocols

On-Bead Digestion

Efficient workflows, quality LC-MS/MS data

Efficient workflows, quality LC-MS/MS data

  • Simple, reproducible workflows
  • Equivalent or better than in-solution digestion
  • Seamless to LC-MS, no desalting or C18 separations
  • Unique proteolytic efficiencies


Diverse strategies, species agnostic

Diverse strategies, species agnostic

  • Products support strategies for both enrichment of low abundance proteomes, or depletion of high abundance proteins
  • Species agnostic not derived from biologicals

Functional Integrity

Maintained throughout all separations

Maintained throughout all separation

  • Mild buffer conditions maintains native structure with retained enzymatic, functional & bio-activities
  • Supports enzyme biomarker assays
  • Functional & Chemical Proteomics
  • Structural & activity-probe Proteomics
  • Top-down & ArrayBridge PEP Proteomics