Short Communication Describes Applications for Albumin Depletion in Proteomics Journal

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Short Communication Describes Applications for Albumin Depletion
in Proteomics Journal

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ, September 7, 2016 -- Biotech Support Group reports on a recent short communication article describing the versatility of their albumin depletion technology for investigating the functional subproteomes of the Serpin superfamily of protease inhibitors. The citation is:

Swapan Roy, Matthew Kuruc. The Functional Subproteomes of Serpin Protease Inhibitors are Now Open for LC-MS Biomarker Discovery. MOJ Proteomics Bioinform 2016, 3(6): 00106

The authors consider that the conformational variants of the unique family of protease inhibitors annotated as SERPINs, are most often underrepresented in proteomic analyses. This limits understanding the complex regulation that this family of proteins presents to the networks within the protease web of interactions. Using bead-based separation provided by the NuGel™ family of proteomic enrichment products - notably AlbuVoid™ & AlbuSorb™, the authors demonstrate their utility to satisfy investigations of serum SERPINs. The authors also suggest their use to develop functional profiles of the SERPIN Proteoform, and how those can establish relationships to disease phenotypes, gene mutations, and deregulated mechanisms.

“I am very pleased that this article demonstrates the proteomic versatility of both of our albumin removal products. This article supports our belief that our bead-based proteomic enrichment products are useful for the functional and structural proteomic analyses necessary to characterize the many conformational Serpin sub-populations so that they may become useful biomarkers for disease.” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

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