SeraFILE Separations Platform For Functional Proteomic Profiling of Phosphodiesterases described in International Journal of Proteomics article

SeraFILE Separations Platform For Functional Proteomic Profiling of Phosphodiesterases described in International Journal of Proteomics article

Monmouth Junction, NJ, – ProFACT Proteomics and its partner in research consumables, Biotech Support Group LLC, reports on a new journal article which describes the use of SeraFILE™, a proprietary protein separations platform. The article illustrates how SeraFILE™ is used to efficiently produce unique subproteomes, with resulting enzyme measurements integrated into molecular profiles. The results demonstrate that the proposed methods provide a means to simplify intersample differences, and to localize proteins attributable to sample-specific responses.

The citation is:
Functional Proteomic Profiling of Phosphodiesterases Using SeraFILE Separations Platform, International Journal of Proteomics, vol. 2012, Article ID 515372, 8 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/515372.

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“This research demonstrates that our unique approach to functional proteomics can break down complex proteomes into subproteomes and by doing this, compartmentalize an enriched fraction associated with disease. Deeper LC-MS characterization of these fractions can help identify prospective biomarkers. Furthermore, the same approach can index the effects of drug modulation and we hope to further exploit these SeraFILE™ applications to create a bulls-eye effect for drug repurposing.” states Matthew Kuruc, President of ProFACT Proteomics.

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SeraFILE PROspector™ – Differentiated Subproteomes and Enrich Functional Biomarkers

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