Genomic DNA Purification:100,000+ PCRs from 10 ml Blood Using ProCipitate™

Genomic DNA Purification:100,000+ PCRs from 10 ml Blood Using ProCipitate™

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, N.J.A requirement of massively parallel SNP analysis is to have high quality DNA suitable for target amplifications, and prepared economically from practical blood volumes. ProPrep™ Genomic is a blood DNA purification system based upon the unique protein binding reagent, ProCipitate™. Data is presented demonstrating as little as 1-2 ng of template DNA being sufficient for a strong PCR amplicon signal. This means that theoretically 100,000+ PCR reactions, or multiples of that for multiplexed SNPs, can be obtained from one, 10 ml whole blood sample. The flexible ProPrep™ system permits the user to customize a multiple PCR or SNP strategy without regard to collecting impractical quantities of whole blood from any one individual. ProPrep™ Genomic can be also be scaled to accommodate different starting volumes. The protocol can be completed in approximately 1 hour with quantitative yields starting directly from whole blood.

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Features of ProPrep™ BAC and ProPrep™ Genomic

Complete nucleic acid purification system.
Designed for 96-well direct lysis of 50ul whole blood.
Does not require reduction to buffy coat to maintain consistently reliable PCR quality Genomic and BAC DNA.
Extremely rapid and easy-to-use. Amenable to robotic automation.

Features of ProCipitate™

Non-hazardous substitute to phenol/chloroform
Removes only the contaminants & leaves DNA alone
Improves yield of DNA over alternative bind and elute systems
Adaptable to any sample size, and can be automated
Key component of the ProPrep™ line of application specific kits

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John Krupey, Ph.D., Swapan Roy, Ph.D., & Bhavin Desai. 100,000+ PCRs Possible from 10 ml Blood.

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