Article Cites Proteomic Initiative in Skin Science

Article Cites Proteomic Initiative in Skin Science

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ — Biotech Support Group and Dr. Nava Dayan L.L.C., have formed a collaborative initiative into the prospects of utilizing proteomic technologies in support of skin science research. The initiative will combine wet-end experimental design and data collection with bioinformatic interpretation on proteomic service projects for all aspects of skin disease, appearance and active compound claims substantiation.

This collaboration produced its first article:

Skin Aging at the Functional Proteomics Level: Elastin as a Marker
Journal: Cosmetics and Toiletries Vol. 129, No. 7 | September 2014
Authors: Nava Dayan, PhD & Matthew Kuruc

Abstract. There is general agreement on elastin’s role in skin health, aging and appearance, but no method has yet elucidated how it degrades with aging when challenged by sun exposure or other means. This paper reviews two inconsistent theories in the literature, degradation and buildup, and highlights potential methods to marry the two. It also suggests proteomics as a method for such further investigation.

The article further describes elastin and its important role in skin’s structural and mechanical integrity. It suggests that the development of unbiased targeted and quantitative studies to investigate the production and integrity of elastin, its soluble precursor tropoelastin and its variants (such as through structural and functional proteomics), is warranted.

“Proteomics is well-positioned to enlighten skin science. Working with Dr. Dayan brings a wealth of industrial experience to this field, as she has directly observed the limitations of gene expression when trying to identify biomarkers of skin disease, aging and active compound effectiveness.” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

“I selected Biotech Support Group for my proteomic collaboration because of their unique capacity to consider cost, flexibility and especially protein functional activity, into the experimental design. These capabilities will be very important to the skin and cosmetics field.”, states Nava Dayan, Ph.D.

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About Dr. Nava Dayan LLC

Nava Dayan Ph.D. Pharm has 25 years of experience in skin care segment, and has yielded more than 150 publication credits in numerous industry-respected journals and in four books. She has been awarded the In-Cosmetics Gold Award for innovation and commensurate recognition from the NYSCC and the CRS for excellence. Dr. Dayan is the owner of Dr. Nava Dayan L.L.C, a skin science and research consultancy serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care industries; dermal and transdermal. Product feasibility in skin care, composition of R&D plans covering efficacy and toxicology; planning, execution and data interpretation into claims, formulations, delivery for improved efficacy and attenuated toxicity. Sample of expertise includes: drug-skin interaction, bio-markers (genomics and proteomics), skin/age related sensitivities, inflammatory skin disorders, innate immunity and biota.

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