Research Article Cites SurfactAway™ for Unstable Coronary Syndromes

Research Article Cites SurfactAway™ for Unstable Coronary Syndromes

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MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ, Sep, 23 2015 — Biotech Support Group reports on a recent research article describing the simplicity and efficiency of their proteomic sample preparation technology for clearing detergent from perfused heart effluents. 

The citation is:
Reyes, Levy A., et al. “Depletion of NADP (H) due to CD38 activation triggers endothelial dysfunction in the postischemic heart.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015)

In brief, the article’s authors aimed at studying causes of postischemic endothelial dysfunction and possible new therapeutic targets for prevention of unstable coronary syndromes. The article states “Detection of Pyridine Nucleotides Following Endothelial Permeablization…Before HPLC analysis…Triton X-100 was removed from samples with addition of SurfactAway™ (BioTech Support Group) in a 1:4 dilution. Samples were concentrated using a SpeedVac (Thermo Scientific) and resuspended in 250 μL of potassium cyanide (KCN) buffer (KCN 0.2 M, KOH 0.06 M, and DTPA 1 mM). SurfactAway™ was again added at 1:4 dilution to ensure complete removal of Triton X-100, concentrated, and then HPLC measurements were performed…”

“This is an excellent example of how SurfactAway™ can improve HPLC measurements, in this case for the analysis of Pyridine Nucleotides. There was a need to remove spectral interferences without compromising the quantity or quality of the analytes present. So the selectivity profile of SurfactAway™ makes metabolite profiling very easy.” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

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