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Featured Cleanascite Application - Lipid removal for isolating microRNA from Egg Yolk

Ben Wade, Michelle Cummins, Anthony Keyburn and Tamsyn M. Crowley. Isolation and detection of microRNA from the egg of chickens. BMC Research Notes 2016 9:283. DOI: 10.1186/s13104-016-2084-5

In brief, the article’s authors report a method for the reproducible and reliable isolation of miRNA from the albumen and yolk of chicken eggs. These methods will allow the investigation of epigenetic programming in chick development previously unknown, and how this impacts the nutritional value of eggs for human consumption. The article states “…400 µl aliquots of the yolk/lysis solution was dispensed into five 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. To each of these aliquots 600 µl of Cleanascite™ was added followed by rigorous vortexing until the sample became homogenous. The Cleanascite™ removes the lipid from this high fat tissue that would otherwise interfere with the extraction process…"

Serum Proteomics Application Report - The Functional Subproteomes of SERPIN Protease Inhibitors Are Now Open For LC-MS Biomarker Discovery

Conformational variants of the unique family of protease inhibitors annotated as SERPINs, are most often underrepresented in proteomic analyses. This limits understanding the complex regulation that this family of proteins presents to the networks within the protease web of interactions. Using bead-based separation provided by the NuGel™ family of proteomic enrichment products - notably AlbuVoid™ & AlbuSorb™, after albumin depletion, we demonstrate their utility to satisfy investigations of serum SERPINs. We also suggest their use to develop functional profiles of the SERPIN proteoforms, and how those can establish relationships to disease phenotypes, gene mutations, and dysregulated mechanisms.