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  KinaSorb™ Kinase (& ATP binding proteins) Enrichment Reagent

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KinaSorb™ Kinase (& ATP binding proteins) Enrichment Reagent

  • Ratio of Total Kinase Activity* relative to total protein content increases 300% or more
  • ATP binding protein recoverable, ~200 ug
  • Up to 4X concentration of kinase volume, relative to starting volume
  • 60 minute, scaleable protocol compatible with functional assays, electrophoresis and Mass Spec
  • Phosphatase (neutral & alkaline) activity not detectable
  • Improves protein normalization when comparing heterogeneous tissues

KinaSorb™ is a new reagent kit used for the enrichment and isolation of kinases. In a patent pending process, ATP – the common substrate for kinases, is reversibly immobilized to metallic oxide particles, producing a single-use highly efficient enrichment method for kinase & other ATP binding proteins. The standard prep protocol starts with 100 µl of clarified cellular extracts, or approximately 2 mg total cellular extract protein, but the process can be scaled up or down to accommodate different sample volumes and protein concentrations. The methods are reasonably specific to ATP; little Phosphodiesterase activity (an enzyme which binds to a structurally similar adenosine containing substrate - CAMP), was measured in the eluant after KinaSorb™ treatment. The kit includes all necessary reagents for immediate use.

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doi: 10.3390/proteomes3040454