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The Biotech Support Group 2015 catalog features sample preparation and enrichment reagents and kits for proteomics and genomics.

Take advantage of new product offers, and get the latest information targeted to your research interests. Biotech Support Group provides novel solutions and technical expertise to the life sciences industry.

Based on novel patented surface libraries, products having affinity-equivalent interactions are described in the catalog. Several of these products supported the Human Genome Project and new products are reshaping how hemoglobin, albumin, kinase and lipids research is done.

Products in the 2015 Catalog Include The Following Biotech Support Group Brands:

Albumin Depletion Kit from Serum or Plasma

Hemoglobin Removal/Depletion

HemogloBind™ Hemoglobin Depletion From Hemolyzed Serum/Plasma
*NEW*: NuGel-HemogloBind™ - Hemoglobin Capture Reagent From Blood and Hemolyzed Serum with NuGel™ Matrix
HemoVoid™ - Hemoglobin Depletion From Erythrocytes
HemoTrial™ Kit - HemogloBind™ and HemoVoid™
HemoVoid™ - Blood Card Reagent
HemoVoid™ - Hemoglobin Variant Enrichment From Blood

Urine Protein Enrichment For Urine Proteomics & Biomarkers

Lipid adsorption and clarification reagent

Protein Removal for Drug Screening & Metabolomics

SDS and Non-ionic Detergent (eg. Triton) Removal

Virus and Viral Component Isolation

Glycoprotein Enrichment Reagent for Serum/Plasma

Kinase (& ATP binding proteins) enrichment reagent

Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase Enrichment Reagent

Immobilization & Pre-Immobilized Affinity Matrices

Glycoprotein Enrichment Support

Polymer Coated Hydrophobic Support

Polymer Coated Ion Exchange Support

Proteomics Separations and Enrichment Kit

NuGel™ NRicher™ Mx (formerly NuGel PROfessor™)
NuGel™ NRicher™ 6 (formerly NuGel PROspector™)

Protein Removal Reagent/DNA Enrichment & Isolation

Genomic Sample Preparation Products

High-Throughput Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

Albuvoid Buffers

Hemovoid Buffers

UPCK Buffers

Tube Filter Pack

Analytical and Semi-preparative Size Exclusion

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