Biotech Support Group offers a range of proteomic services to support new multilevel sub-fractionation strategies, Bio-Seperation, Immobilization, Protein Modification and Protein Interaction.

Biotech Support Group works in partnership with ProFACT Proteomics in developing SeraFILE™ - A proprietary Surface Library Platform.

Often major emphasis is placed in the analytical test results or the downstream process of a purification process or the tail end of a manufacturing process, therefore overlooking the first step that concerns sample processing. Sample processing of any purification process or analytical test method is critical to any process or test method. Biotech Support Group provides insight in sample preparation from lysis, homogenization, extractions, gel filtration, desalting, and dialysis. Sample preparation is critical to product recovery and needs to be fully developed and evaluated to ensure efficiency. In analytical testing proper sample preparation ensures proper test results and can allow for lower detection limits, and more sensitivity therefore raising the confidence of your results.  

Biotech Support Group pursues strategic alliances that are in keeping with our goal to be a world leader in the development and commercialization of innovative life sciences tools and technology. Biotech Support Group believes in building a basis for enduring relationships that produces great results for both parties. We achieve quick decision-making and the allocation of necessary resources to achieve success. Thereafter, we establish teams with representation from both partners and work hand-in-hand to seamlessly integrate the cooperation process.
Biotech Support Group offers advice on a consultation basis from expert consultants for pre-clinical to clinical research work in sample preparation, experimental design, protein purification, genomics and proteomics. We specialize in:

Biotech Support Group offers custom services in the following fields:

  • Hemoglobin Research
  • Albumin Research
  • Lipid Research
  • Glycoprotein Researh
  • Kinase Research
  • Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase Research
  • Protein Removal for Drug Screening & Metabolomics
  • Viral Isolation
  • Immobilization & Pre-Immobilized Affinity Matrices
  • Large Scale Chromatography Media for Proteins
  • Small Scale protein purification for proof of concept studies
  • Gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography
  • Affinity and covalent chromatography
  • Reversed phase and hydrophobic interaction chromatography
  • Ligands from combinatorial libraries
  • Customized protein purification platforms for crystallography studies
  • Biomarker advisory services
  • Data Validation advisory services

Experimental Design and Method Development Services

The single most important factor influencing the project is the experimental design. A properly designed sample experiment increases your chance of success by providing the maximum amount of reliable information in the most cost-effective manner. By contrast, a poorly designed microarray experiment can cost you time and money in unreliable results, difficult data analysis and repeated experiments. Let our staff of sample preparation experts share their experience and expertise with you to optimize your experimental design for maximum results:

  • Small scale protein purification for proof of concept studies
  • Gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography advisory services
  • Affinity and covalent chromatography advisory services
  • Reversed phase and hydrophobic interaction chromatography advisory services
  • Ligands from combinatorial libraries advisory services
  • Customized protein purification platforms for crystallography studies advisory services
  • Two - Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis, followed by MALDI-TOF/TOF advisory services
  • Antibody Microarray advisory services

DNA Extraction & Purification     

Extraction of DNA with high purity is a necessity for many downstream applications. DNA extraction & purification services for small and large-scale projects is available. Intact, high-quality genomic DNA (gDNA) is routinely extracted from various sources including tissue (fresh and preserved), blood, saliva, other body fluids, cell cultures, plants, and forensics samples.

RNA Extraction & Purification       

Extraction of Plasmid DNA with high purity is a necessity for many downstream applications . Plasmid DNA extraction & Purification services for small and large-scale projects is available Intact, high quality Plasmid DNA is routinely extracted for applications like Gene Therapy & multiplex PCR, real-time quantitative PCR, DNA cloning, DNA southern blot hybridization, DNA transfection, DNA sequencing, SNPs analysis etc.

  • DNA from Whole Blood:  We routinely extract DNA from 1-20 mLs of whole blood and obtain high quality DNA.  Our extraction processes are scalable to accommodate a variety of blood volumes.  In addition, we can obtain DNA from freshly collected whole blood or blood samples that have been frozen. 
  • DNA from FFPE tissue:  Our experienced scientists can extract DNA from small FFPE tissue allowing for genetic analysis of archived samples.
  • RNA from Whole Blood: We have extensive experience in extracting high quality RNA from whole blood allowing for expression analysis of target genes.
  • RNA from FFPE tissue:  Extraction of RNA from FFPE tissue can be difficult; however, our trained staff are able to extract RNA suitable and reliable for expression work.
  • Buccal cells: Biotech Support Group staff can extract DNA from buccal cells from swabs or sputum and obtain high quality DNA for genetic analysis.
  • Cell lines and buffy coats: Biotech Support Group has successfully extracted DNA from cell lines including CHO cells, hepatocytes, and lymphocytes.
  • Tissue Type: We have extracted DNA and RNA from a variety of tissues including liver, colorectal, pancreatic, gastric, prostatic, lung, skin, and cervical tissues.

Protein Extraction & Purification

  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Tissue
  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Cell Lysate
  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Culture Supernatant
  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Blood Plasma
  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Body Fluids
  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Urine
  • Protein Extraction & Purification from Egg Yolk
  • Customized Protein Extraction & Purification Services

2D Gel Electrophoresis

  • 1D/2D Gel Electrophoresis of Bacterial Protein
  • Customized 2D Gel Electrophoresis Services
  • Customized OffGel Fractionation Services