SurfactAway™ SDS

SurfactAway™ SDS Removal

  • Removes >99% detergent such as Triton, NP-40, Tween-20, CTAB, CHAPS, Lubrol and deoxycholate from protein solutions
  • Very selective, virtually no cross-reactivity with other proteins
  • Simple, just pipette, centrifuge and discard pellet
  • Economical new surface technology, not based on hydrophobic chromatography

Detergents can often interfere with protein analysis. SurfactAway™ offers a simple and fast method to remove SDS and non-ionic detergents such as Triton. Recovery of protein is quantitative. SurfactAway™ SDS is especially designed for SDS removal and contains a conditioning buffer and a solid-phase binding suspension. A two-step, 10 minute process in a microfuge is all that's required. Surfactaway™ Non-ionic, is a solid-phase suspension reagent, just add and centrifuge.

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Extraction and identification of electroimmunoprecipitated proteins from agarose gels. Journal of Immunological Methods Volume 330, Issues 1-2, 31 January 2008, Pages 24-33
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