Research Article Reports The Use of Cleanascite™ In Research On A Taxane Phospholipid Prodrug

Research Article Reports The Use of Cleanascite™ In Research On A Taxane Phospholipid Prodrug

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ — Biotech Support Group reports on a recent research article which supports the utility of their lipid removal and clarification consumable product Cleanascite™. The citation is:

Dipanjan Pan et al. “Anti-Angiogenesis Therapy in the Vx2 Rabbit Cancer Model with a Lipase-cleavable Sn 2 Taxane Phospholipid Prodrug using αvβ3-Targeted Theranostic Nanoparticles.” Theranostics: 2014; 4(6): 565-578. doi: 10.7150/thno.7581

In the study, the facile synthesis, development and characterization of a new lipase-labile docetaxel prodrug is reported and shown to be an effective anti-angiogenic agent in vitro and in vivo. The article states “The plasma-enzyme-nanoparticle (NP) mixture (250 μl) was combined with 250 μl Cleanascite™ for lipid removal and clarification (Biotech Support Group, Inc., Monmouth Junction, NJ)…”

“I am very pleased with the overall utility of Cleanascite™ for such a wide assortment of lipid removal and clarification applications. It has now been cited in close to 40 peer reviewed research journals. Clearly the specificity that this product delivers is what matters most to these researchers” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

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