Biotech Support Group and ArrayBridge Jointly Collaborate In Functional Proteomic Analysis

Biotech Support Group and ArrayBridge Jointly Collaborate In Functional Proteomic Analysis

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ, July 29, 2014 — Biotech Support Group (Monmouth Junction, NJ) and ArrayBridge (St. Louis, MO) report on a new joint collaboration. The companies have agreed to co-market and co-develop new applications in functional proteomic analysis. Each company will provide unique technologies and disciplines to the collaboration. By combining these attributes, the companies believe that together, there are opportunities to directly annotate functional proteome information to bolster translational healthcare efforts. The proposed workflow includes a combination of first low abundance protein enrichment/high abundance protein depletion with the Biotech Support Group products, followed by a modified 2-dimensional electrophoretic separation, and transfer via the ArrayBridge PEP plate into microplates. From there, the resolved functionally active proteins can be measured and characterized. The workflow envisioned by the collaboration is outlined here, and can support any measurable functional trait, and is especially suitable for enzymatic substrate to product turnover and such response to modulating stimuli. The companies will commercialize through a variety of products, services and biomarker data assets. 

“We are very pleased to have an exciting downstream analysis such as the PEP platform to coincide with our upstream enrichment products. We have always endeavored to support the functional features of proteins in all of our enrichment products, as the landscape of protein conformations is highly variable, each conformation contributing to its own functional activity. Sequence annotation alone cannot capture this vital information, so new strategies are necessary,” states Swapan Roy, Ph.D., President and Founder of Biotech Support Group.

“With different tissues, or under stress or disease conditions, protein sequences that are associated with one function, may perform alternative functions – that is what we call the multi-functional proteome. This multi-functional proteome can now be monitored, cataloged and annotated by our functional proteomic strategies. Using a top-down approach, we can start with any measurable protein function, resolve functionally active proteins into microwells, and from there, sequence and structurally annotate the subset proteome that presents that function. We believe with our combined technology platforms, we can achieve the necessary enrichment and resolution to efficiently perform these goals,” states Xing Wang, Ph.D., President and Founder of ArrayBridge.

About Biotech Support Group LLC

Biotech Support Group LLC provides products and services for proteomic, metabolomic and genomic sample preparation and enrichment. It’s principal products include: AlbuVoid™ & AlbuSorb™ for albumin depletion, Cleanascite™ for lipid adsorption and clarification, HemogloBind™ & HemoVoid™ for hemoglobin separation, NuGel™ for functional & chemical proteomics, and ProCipitate™ & ProPrep™ for nucleic acid isolation. For more information, go to

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About ArrayBridge Inc.

ArrayBridge provides products and services that support biosimilars and functional proteomic analysis. For biosimilars, ArrayBridge has developed “antibody arrays” to assess drug comparability at the molecular conformational level. For functional proteomics, the company has commercialized the PEP platform, to efficiently transfer functional proteins from 2DE gels into microwells, which can then be measured and multi-dimensionally characterized. In addition, ArrayBridge provides enzyme assays for over 850 enzymes, the most extensive enzyme assay collection in one place. 

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Mon, 08/04/2014