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A New View Of Liquid Biopsy

Stroma Liquid Biopsy - The Next Wave Of Proteomic Profiles For Cancer Biomarkers

While the landscape of cancer-associated DNA mutations has supported the initial concepts for liquid biopsy, it is now overwhelmingly apparent that throughout cancer progression, there are necessary adaptive microenvironments to support metastatic disease. We now present evidence that some of the essential interactions between stroma and proliferating cells can in part, be monitored through the protein response that tracks into the vascularized tumor and re-proportions the extracellular proteins (serum) found in the general blood circulation. These proteomic patterns can now be reported as a Stroma Liquid Biopsy™ which we are launching as a business unit called Rakta.

To download our whitepaper on Stroma Liquid Biopsy, please send an email to mkuruc@biotechsupportgroup.com